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About Adaptive Retail Group

Our Mission

Simply put, our mission is to establish a resilient, customer-centric approach to change within retail.

Change and innovation within our organizations can have a fracturing affect and, coupled with the fact that our efforts often take the approach of large-scale transformations, we spend a lot of time and money on the 'new', with the new rarely working out. We've lived through that pain at Walmart, Sam's Club, ASDA, Lowe's, Target and more. 

At Adaptive Retail Group, we want to simplify the model, helping retailers, service providers and brands in the retail space create an adaptable approach to change. Our goal is to make the next technology or tool or consumer behavior shift is easy to adjust to in an efficient way.

Our Story

Adaptive Retail Group (ARG), is a subsidiary of the Adaptive Retail Group, a series of companies dedicated to innovating for the future of shopping. Our overall mission is to simplify change in the ever evolving retail landscape across the globe.

Our business was co-founded by Drew Cashmore, a retail expert with over a decade's experience leading intrapreneurial ventures at Walmart including Walmart Connect and Walmart eCommerce. 

In addition to Adaptive Retail Group, Adaptive Retail Technologies is exploring a composable commerce platform for the customer experience layer of retail. 

Our Team

Adaptive Retail Group is a fractional team of incredibly talented retail leaders that band together to create a unique solution for each one of our partners.


Hailing from innovation and change management teams within retailers including Walmart, Lowe's, Target, Sam's Club, American Express, ASDA and more, ARC levererages real-world experience to help businesses looking to evolve with the retail customer and leapfrog challenges that advanced retailers have already experienced.

We, like our mission, adapt to the ever-changing needs of our clients and bring in the right people for the job with access to dedicated resources and an extensive network of advisors.

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